Flowers that didn’t bloom!

Assalam o Alaikum and hello to all. I am not much of a speaker on sensitive issues but this very incident of the 7 year old girl in kasur provoked me to speak on the issue “child abuse”. 
I mean we call us human beings and still we are no close to humanity that a 7 year old child gets rapped and murdered brutally and the rapist, the murderer is still out there freely moving around. We right now can’t even think about the pain and loss of those parents who have suffered such a tragedy. What was the fault of that innocent soul who met such a fate?? Or what is the fault of those kids who get targeted every single day whether a girl or a boy?? 

There are so many similar cases that are not even accentuated on media or even in the society on daily basis just because of the fear of humiliation. If something like this event happens, people don’t even dare to mention it in front of anyone that my child has been abused by somebody, just because they care about their respects more than their child’s life. Yes this still happens in our society. Wake up people! This issue needs to be brought into the light so that the culprits be punished so hard, so severely that others would feel those goose bumps by just imagining the punishment to repeat the similar act. Since when anything is more important than a priceless life?? 

Social media, TV channels and whole nation stood up for her within seconds after the news spread all over and after that names of so many other missing children, children being sexually abused and murdered came onto the surface. But the question is WHAT ARE THE REASONS BEHIND THESE DREADFUL AND HORRIFYING INCIDENTS? Why all these people- media, police, rangers and politicians always come forward and take actions “after” something like that happens? Police officials get fired and suspended later on when this kind of news gets VIRAL. But why these same police officials don’t pay attention to even listen to the father, brother or uncle of the child, who goes to them for help. Why is there no proper check on the performance of these people? Why is the government so indifferent to the sensitive areas of the country such as Kasur?

Why there are no strict rules to impose in the society so that nothing like this should even happen?? Should we just keep our children locked up in our homes? NO! That is just not the solution to this problem at all! This very act of child abuse is not encouraged by any creed, culture and religion yet it is growing day by day.

 We should for the sake of humanity and safety of our children, spread awareness of child abuse as much as possible to not only the most illiterate and backward people/areas but also to the most sophisticated people. Tell your kids from their childhood to stay away from strangers, tell them to not let any body touch them in an inappropriate manner. If somebody does, the child should immediately inform his parents and they should take immediate actions. Never leave your child with even the most trust worthy person unless very important. Sometimes a person closely related to you and your children may be the one with the bad intentions. A child never holds a finger and walks friendly with just anyone so easily unless there is a known face involved. Keep an eye on your children and the environment they are in. Don’t leave them unprotected as they are your responsibility. Make sure to keep a check on the growing children and their activities as well.

As far as the responsibilities of the authorities or government or police are concerned, we don’t know when they will take proper actions, make rules and punish such beasts. We can just hope they feel the pain of the people and take steps that are required on urgent basis to put the guilty behind the bars and do justice to all those kids that have been victims of this very shameful act!  

May Allah Almighty console the grieving parents and give special and beautiful places in heaven to those children. And may Allah keeps us all safe and secure. Ameen. 

Life is beautiful. 

Well  Assalam o Alaikum and hello to all. I was very confused about where to start, that’s because either I have too much to talk or I dont have anything to talk about 😂 lets go with the first one. 

There was a poem in my english cource named “Little things” by Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney , you all may know. The poem was focused on the importance of little things, like little water drops make oceans, small grains of sand makes vast lands and short moments of time makes endless ages. Although short but beautiful poem. No doubt little things can bring great changes. Similarly there are those little things that had contributed to what we are today, those little things can be combined under a named called “childhood”. The part of life which makes us smile, laugh and cry at the same time. So how many of you just remembered your favourite memory right after reading the word childhood?? I hope many of you 😊see its that part of life which we can’t forget easily. I just recalled one incident from my childhood and let me share it with you guys as well 😊  

When we are kids , our parents teach us how to “behave” while having food at other’s place. 😂 we were taught the same. But one day out of the blues when me and my sister were in neighbour’s house, playing outside in their garden, there were few leftovers of the “roti”. I don’t know what got into my mind 😂 but i somehow convinced my little sister to eat that. The most absurd thing to do. 😂 and my sister obeyed what her elder sister told her to do (she was that naive 😊). After we came back home. We told our mother what we had done 😂. What next? Lol. My mother, just to scare the hell out of us, took a knife, with the sharp edge pointing away, put it on my sister’s neck 😂 and said “would you do that again??”. Both of us were crying and begging at the same time “Mama we will never do that again!!!” 😂😂😂  Hilarious!! 

And from that day onwards we have never ever thought about doing that again LOL. That was the best lesson learnt in the most funniest way ever. You all may have similar stories , similar fun that you will remember all your life 😊 Remember how we never wanted to get up early in the morning to go to our schools? How we used to wait for the holidays all the year, how we flew kites all day in the sun and came back with dark skin colours 😂. Remember how we used to fix that cycle of ours ourselves when it broke down? Those dolls and doll houses , stuffed toys we insisted on buying? 

When our demands were fulfilled, we were the kings and queens of our small worlds and when they were not, we would cry ourselves to sleep. That papa’s fear, that mama’s love, peaceful sleeps, dreams and ambitions… oh my God, time flies fast man! But one beautiful thing about this time is that it always brings smile on our faces each time we remember it.😊😊 We didn’t know at that time how much we will miss those moments. I would re-live every single moment more enthusiastically if any miracle happens and I go back in time 😂. Would you? 

In life there comes a time, when sometimes shit hits the fan and it feels like you have lost your identity, just recall all these beautiful memories of your life and start believing in yourself again. Just like I shared my life ‘s incident, that my mother taught me something in a hard way,  know that life teaches us lessons in a harder way just so that we become strong and don’t get into the similar situation again. Our imperfections have always taught us to bring the best out of us. We learn when we make mistakes. There is always somebody to correct us, back then it was our parents, teachers and elders to correct us but now we are our own saviour. As grown ups we now know that life isn’t a piece of cake, we have responsibilities, we worry about our future, we worry about small things, we search for inner peace and amidst this we forget who we actually are. We want to be happy, we want care free sleeps, we still want to dream without limits, no? But what are we afraid of? Life is the name of constant learning. Remember to love yourself, take time to appreciate yourself because you are doing just fine, you do what you can and eventually you will find your destination by taking small steps sooner or later. You only live once and life is beautiful. We complicate it. Believe in yourself and never loose hopes!! Little things do bring great changes! 😊

My First Blog Ever!

Well, Assalam o Alaikum and Hello to all. You guys may not find this very interesting that it is my very first blog of my whole life 😁 but that’s okay. I am still blogging anyway. 

Why I decided to blog? Because……. because…… ummm……. no clue 😂 May be I was just getting bored with life and wanted to try something new. 😂 Or because I want to hopefully try to point and talk about from little to the huge life changing things and events that I have experienced myself and many of you can relate to them. 

So starting my new journey with a hope that I don’t mess it up 😊

Thumbs up!